Since 2013, the Festival of Wood in the heart of the city of Kočevje has become more than just an event. Our goal has been to not only celebrate wood but also to explore and raise awareness about its exceptional value. Our first step was to connect the local community and wood enthusiasts. We organized workshops, exhibitions, and lectures that appealed to both experts and the general public. Through this, we built bridges between local artisans, artists, and creators who appreciate and use wood in their work. Over the years, we have implemented and participated in numerous projects that combine traditional crafts with modern technologies. From the development and promotion of low-carbon wooden products that promote sustainability to the design of new and reinterpretation of wooden products and cultural heritage. By exchanging experiences and ideas, we are building a global network that promotes the use of wood as a sustainable and innovative material. The Festival of Wood can thus serve as a springboard for numerous ecological projects that emphasize the importance of forest conservation, promote sustainable use, and enhance the value of wood.