triennial of handicrafts


As part of the interinstitutional exhibition "Triennial of Crafts and Crafts," held from September 14 to October 14, 2023, at the Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts, the Center for Creativity/MAO, under the auspices of the European platform Distributed Design, announced the second open call for co-productions of limited edition series CzK #2. Within this framework, up to 10 works by Slovenian creators were selected, who, with the help of financial incentives, designed a new product or visibly updated an existing one for the purpose of presentation at the central exhibition "Triennial of Crafts and Crafts 2023" and subsequently at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO).

The Center for Creativity and MAO, as the custodian of the most extensive collection of Slovenian architectural and design heritage, and at the same time a space for contemporary creation, knowledge exchange, and a source of inspiration for creators, addressed the current topic of connecting contemporary design production with the rich cultural heritage of crafts and crafts as a source of inspiration and ideas for contemporary, innovative, sustainable, and locally based production, based on natural materials, traditional knowledge, and skills.

Designers, artists, craftsmen, artisans, and other creatives and collectives were invited to participate. The result of the collaboration will be a co-production of the manufacture of a product, prototype, or upgrade of an existing product in a limited edition, which will be presented within the Triennial of Crafts and Crafts and at events and exhibitions of the Center for Creativity, Museum of Architecture and Design, and Distributed Design platform at home and abroad.


The product was created based on reflection on traditional craft practices and the treatment of the basket with opposing grips, as commonly used by craftsmen. It remains faithful to the purpose of "dry goods," using natural materials to make basic accessories for living spaces. The product is designed as a space organizer, so its use is possible not only as a utensil stand but also as an extension to a family of products, such as a basket or tray for keys and combs, and holders for glasses. The product is the result of collaboration between the designer and craftsman Janko Marinč.