The Konstrukta toy quickly arouses curiosity and ignites children's imagination. A child can assemble their own world of animals, buildings, vehicles, or imaginative objects from wooden modules based on their original ideas or provided plans and then play with them. This construction toy develops logical thinking, attention, and perseverance, while also providing the child with the comforting feeling of wood. Coordinated movement of hands and eyes stimulates their fine motor skills and also enhances spatial imagination. Through play, the child explores, solves problems, and learns technical principles. It becomes even more interesting in the circle of friends, where collaboration and lively exchange of ideas come to the fore. Creativity and imagination are the foundation of our children's future.


The Konstrukta toy is made entirely from natural materials. Beech wood comes from Slovenian forests, which have been responsibly managed and sustainably cared for for over a hundred years. In Kočevje, where the toy is made, we are particularly proud of the ancient Krokar primeval forest. From here, beech spread throughout Europe after the last Ice Age and dictated the development of the entire continent. The Krokar primeval forest is recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Wood is a premium, renewable material that absorbs a significant amount of CO² from the atmosphere during growth and retains it until decomposition, thus positively influencing the climate. The beech wood for the toy is not treated with paints or lacquer, making it healthy and preserving all its natural characteristics. Even the connectors are made of environmentally friendly, natural rubber.


There are things in which we easily recognize enduring value. They are made with quality and attention to detail, so they accompany us for a long time and become dear to us. Similarly, with a good toy that brings us joy, we develop an emotional connection and appreciate its value. We hope that our children and perhaps even grandchildren will play with it. With a universal, quality toy made of natural materials, we can offer a child rich experiences and instill in them a respectful attitude towards goods. The Konstrukta toy is certainly one of these: precisely designed, simple, durable, and authentic like a child's relationship with the world they are discovering.


The Konstrukta toy is manufactured in the most forested region of Slovenia, in Kočevje. The wider area boasts a centuries-old tradition of producing wooden goods, known as dry goods. Through time, generations of woodworkers have shaped refined, functional forms of useful objects that have been sold throughout Europe. Today's craftsmen also derive from this tradition and inherited knowledge. The toy, designed by the renowned Slovenian designer Niko Kralj, is created in local artisan workshops where we process wood from our forests.