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From the technology of nature to the technology of man

Slika pragozda


In this primal habitat of wild nature, numerous species of trees, shrubs, and plants settle, forming a dense green landscape known as a virgin forest. This is the beginning, the place where everything starts.
Slika drevesa


As the virgin forest gradually changes, we enter a phase called the forest. The trees are still lush, but the influence of human intervention is felt. The forest is a transitional period that reflects the balance between nature and human impact.
Slika lesa


From the forest, wood is extracted, becoming the foundation for construction. The trees are processed, refined, and prepared for further use. Wood is a raw material that carries the story of the forest and human labor.
Slika hiše


The Primal chair is a symbol of transformation. From the virgin forest, through human labor and wood processing, it becomes a useful and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. The Primal chair bears traces of its origin – the forests that gave it life.

Primal chair competition

Wood is a valuable resource that we have in abundance, yet we too often take it for granted and thus underutilize it. With this competition, we aim to promote the sustainable, economic, and high-quality use of wood in everyday life.

The purpose of the competition is not just to design the product itself, but also to bring the story to the final product, which is made with modern tools and ready for wider distribution. So far, more than 400 designers from 50 different countries around the world have participated in the competition. The three winning proposals, selected by the jury, will receive pre-production prototypes as a prize.


Over the years, the Festival of Wood has organized a variety of workshops where the central theme is wood and its processing. Participants can learn both old, traditional methods of wood processing as well as modern techniques that include the latest technologies and tools. The emphasis is on the transfer of knowledge between generations, where masters of the old crafts share their skills with younger enthusiasts. In addition, the Festival offers innovative approaches that combine the art and functionality of wood in a contemporary context. The workshops are intended for both beginners and experienced craftsmen, creating a unique environment for the exchange of experiences and ideas. In this way, the Festival of Wood promotes the preservation of cultural heritage while also promoting the sustainable use of wood in the modern world.


Since 2013, the Festival of Wood in the heart of Kočevje has evolved into more than just an event. Its goal is not only to celebrate wood but also to explore and raise awareness of its exceptional value. The festival has become a platform that connects the local community and wood enthusiasts through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and by building bridges between craftsmen, artists, and creators. Over the years, the Festival of Wood has carried out numerous projects that combine traditional crafts with modern technologies and promote the sustainable use of wood. This creates a global network that encourages the use of wood as a sustainable and innovative material, while also emphasizing the importance of forest conservation and sustainable wood usage.