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Claro bar stool

Claro bar stool

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Bar stools for kitchen counters and bar tables. Retro modern design made in Slovenia. Metal base, black powder-coated. Exceptional quality. Seat handmade from solid Slovenian wood. Incredibly comfortable stool that impresses with its appearance and comfort.

About the author:

These three words have always inspired Mateja Kokalj, a passionate lover of nature and timeless wooden products, carefully crafted from high-quality Slovenian wood. The forest has been a treasure trove of ideas, a source of life energy, and optimism for her since childhood. Wood is comfortable, pleasant to the touch, and with proper care, timeless, making it a sustainable choice. Mateja's father, a craftsman, already fascinated her with this versatile material. The idea of a high stool arose spontaneously while furnishing her new home. She desired a timeless piece of furniture that could be used as both a stool and a storage surface. Thus, Claro was born. A stool that tells its story.

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