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Koho - innovative cooking instruments

Koho - innovative cooking instruments

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KOHO FROM BEECH WOOD The Koho set includes three utensils:

  • Small spoon
  • Large spoon
  • Tongs

Each Koho set is packaged in a black box - suitable for gifting (just add a ribbon)

Koho is not your ordinary kitchen spoon that we are most accustomed to. Its fresh design and different way of use playfully push us out of automation and encourage mindfulness while cooking. Because we know... the best dish is the one prepared with attention... with love. When preparing a meal for your loved ones, let Koho help you cultivate feelings of love, respect, and dignity.

Recipient of two design awards: "BIG SEE wood design award", "Woodworking Excellence".

About the author:

Koho was designed by Slovenian designer Gašper Premože, known for his ingenious, "out of the box" products. He began designing new kitchen utensils with the question:

"How would a Neanderthal design spoons, encountering modern cooking methods and all modern wood processing technologies for the first time?"

In response, he created Koho, unburdened by tradition and past usage methods, but boldly pursuing innovation with the use of modern technologies and fresh design.

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