Primal chair - 2018


If I imagine standing in the middle of the forest, I envision myself being in the midst of an ancient temple. Surrounded by tree trunks like columns reaching up to the canopy formed by branches. The branches enable the birth of young shoots, yet they still cling to their trunks. It's a scene of dignity and life. These are the feelings I wanted to infuse into my chair. The word "ekgren" means oak branch. The chair is made from turned oak, which varies in diameter, emphasizing the organic nature of the wood. The seat is crafted from laminated oak boards. EkGren reveals its character through details. Its simplicity and lightness express the peace of the primeval forest and highlight the material and craftsmanship.


The idea for the Chairmock chair came to me by the sea while lying in a hammock hanging from a pine tree. As I lounged, I noticed how adaptable and comfortable the hammock was when properly positioned. Whether we wanted to sit more upright and read a book or recline and take a nap, the hammock offered great flexibility. This became my main inspiration for designing this chair. I started the process with sketches to develop a recognizable and simple side view of the chair. I then translated the sketches into the 3D world, where I used ergonomics to determine the appropriate seating height, seat area, and overall width of the chair. The chair is intended for smaller living spaces because it can be "flipped over" to become a lounge chair, perfect for reading, sketching, or simply lounging around. Moreover, the chair is not limited to indoor use; it's suitable for balconies or outdoor cafes. The advantage of the chair is its adaptability, providing a sense of security and comfort. The seat surface is ergonomically designed to ensure proper height, while the angle of the upper body can be adjusted by the seating position. The entire chair is made from natural materials. The main part (legs) is crafted from solid oak wood, reinforced with powder-coated metal framework. The fabric is made from 100% densely woven cotton, highly resistant to wear and dirt. The fabric is also removable and washable for easy cleaning.


The word "petlya" originates from the Croatian word "petlja," meaning loop, which represents an unfinished form whose end merges with the beginning. The legs, armrests, and backrest of Petlya give the impression of forming an infinite structure, hence the name of the chair. The chair is a charming interplay of simplicity and elegance; it may appear radical at times, yet it exhibits refined design suitable for both domestic environments and offices or other public spaces. Petlya possesses a distinctive charisma, offering visitors the warm embrace of the forest. Thoughtful design allows for the fusion of structural and functional elements, adding their beauty to the final product.