Primal chair contest
- from an idea to prototype -

Ready to bring your design idea into life? Ready for chair production?

Important dates

- Call for entries: 7th May 2019
- Deadline for entries: 5th September 2019
- Selection of winners by the grand jury: 10th September 2019
- Award ceremony: Festival of Wood 2019, 10th October 2019, Kočevje


- 1st award: prototype production + 40 hours usage of prototype workshop* + free board costs at the Bearlog hostel during the Festival of wood 2019 (4 nights) + guided tour to the brink of the virgin forest of Kočevsko.
- 2nd & 3rd award prototype production

Purpose of the contest

Primal chair

The Festival of Wood invites open applications to the International Contest (Primal)Chair as tribute to primal forest of Kočevje. The idea is to create functional  and ergonomical chair that will spread awarness about human co-existence with the nature.

Wood is the only natural source that we have in abundance but we dont use it enough. In this way we want to promote the use of wooden materials in everyday life and encourage sustainable, economical and quality use of the wood.

Purpose of the contest is not only to design but to bring the story to the final product that is made with modern tools and ready for wider distribution.

Three wining designs by jury choice will be awarded with manufacture of the prototype that will be promoted in the time of festival and shown in media. With this prototype the designer will get a chance for a next step, that is a chance for actual marketing placement.


Industrial Design

Galery of the awarded chairs

Jezik / Language

Festival lesa podpirajo 


Honorary patron of the Festival is
prime minister of the republic of Slovenia
Mr. Marjan Šarec


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