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Gašper Fabijan, Anima Relinques corpus, slovenia

What happened this year is only the beginning of a very unfavorable story", says Prof. dr. Tom Levanič from the Forestry Institute of Slovenia about this year's forest fires. The consequences of global warming have never manifested themselves in Slovenia as directly as this summer. The fires destroyed thousands of hectares of forest and left behind only ashes. Unfortunately, this summer is not an exception and will be remembered for a long time. Experts warn that heat waves will become much more frequent every year. The chair can be made of different types of wood. The components of the "dead" chair are processed according to the traditional Japanese technique for the external protection of wood Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban), in which the wood is protected by burning. Burning makes the wood more resistant to fire, pests and decay. The other part that seemingly emerges from the deceased chair - the soul of the chair - remains natural in appearance. The entire chair is coated with natural oils. "Anima Relinquens Corpus", or “Duša zapušča telo” in Slovenian, is a chair that attempts to commemorate the apocalyptic scenes of burned forests, while at the same time hinting that, despite everything, there is still hope for a better future. But is humanity ready and able to stop the unstoppable?

Aldo Deli & Paride Stella, EVELYN, Italy

Evelyn is an armchair that aims to redefine the way we perceive a seating.Evelyn is an armchair that aims to redefine the way we perceive a seating.The wooden structure is in constant dialogue with the fabric which, just like in a hammock, is a suspended surface: this allows you to feel absolutely comfortable and enveloped. The almost total absence of contact with rigid parts gives a pleasant sensation of lightness. The entire construction features only five engineered - or solid - wood elements, machined through CNC milling and algorithmically optimized to ensure the maximum structural stability and the least use of material. The backrest is crossed by a continuous cut that contains the guiding spiral of the fabric, while the legs are anchored by metal connections. The armchair shows a warm and contemporary look, while the interaction between the softness of the fabric and the slenderness of the structure provides a stimulating and interesting play of forces. Evelyn is designed to be completely disassembled in compact packaging.

Hamza Bavčić, KERF-FOLDING STOOL CHAIR, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kerfing is a great technique of bending plywood by patterned cutting once for desired curvature, but not suitable for repetitive, long term bending as it would cause the veneer layer to crack. That drawback motivated me to replace veneer layer with thick leather or similar behaving vegan friendly material instead, that can withstand repetitive bending cycles and act as hinge for ages. Flat-pack furniture inspired me to design folding plywood stool for practical people who are living in small spaces.Kerf stool is meant to be hanging in the wardrobe, ready for quick set up to serve your incoming friends or family.

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