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1. Anshul Prajapati, UPANJE CHAIR, India

Whenever I think of the Kočevje forest, the most primal thing that I can think of is the trees with wide trunks and branches. It takes year after year of steady growth to become a massive tree, but it only takes a few hours to cut that tree down. For a tree, it must be devastating to experience its years of growth go in vain. But, if one observes the tree for a week, new branches and leaves start to grow out of its stump. For people who feel lost even after putting in a lot of hard work, these trees are a reminder of having hope even after failure. The name of the chair means, "Hope" which is "Upanje" in the Slovenian language. The central seating portion resembles the stump of a chopped-off tree, and the surrounding elements are the newly grown branches. These branches can be seen (from side view) as if they protruded out of the stump and gradually grew big and sprouted small branches of their own. The material used for the construction is oak wood. The design is simple, which requires simple tools. The seat has a minimal design, and branches are rod-like structures linked together. The branches also act as a hooking structure for a scarf, umbrellas, pet leashes, coat, bags, or other belongings. One can also hook balloons, ribbons, and other decorative elements to make the chair stand out on special days. These chairs are best suited for outdoor dining areas and outdoor restaurants.


The future belongs to those who imagine. If you are given a box, with sticks inside, what would you do with it? I'd say I'll search for the instructions and start building with it from scratch. But what if you're just given a map to begin with? Hard, right? Curiosity breeds creativity. Because art is part of our human nature, we investigate and play with what we're given. Mindcraft chair seeks to explore your creativity in infinite possibilities. A wooden chair in which its form is dictated by the user’s ingenuity is essential in paving an inclusive and fun future. A pixel is just a unit but with an "s" it becomes two-dimensional or even three-dimensional in ways you can imagine. Inspired from the endless possibilities of pixels, Mindcraft can be crafted in various forms. So with Mindcraft, you have playful legs that vary on the your shape preference, you have interactive puzzle seat that lets you decide on what to paint, and most importantly, you have a chair to sit on whenever you need a jolt of positivity. All parts are created from 3 shades of hardwood in smooth finish and are assembled thru wood joinery for modularity. Tempered glass is also used as surface and seat. Each part is ensured that it fits in a profound box. Woods don't speak, what more for chairs? Mindcraft creates a relationship with you it creates, interacts, and explores!


A folding chair. To be cut from 18mm (3/4”) birch plywood by a ubiquitous CNC router. The concept is for the chair to be hung flat on a wall and in that form provide some abstracted visual connection to a canopy, to trees and to leaves, while all the while building the connection by paying homage to the micro structure of a leaf. Seven hinges would tie together four pieces of cut plywood in a folding configuration that, as simple as it is, must almost certainly have been done before. While the idea came apparently as an original thought the concept is presented not for its mechanism, but like a new design for a four legged stool - for what it brings to a design for a seating object that may provide its own character.

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