When I think of the Kočevje forest, the most primitive thing I remember are the trees with their wide trunks and branches. Year after year, it takes steady growth to become a huge tree, but it only takes a few hours to cut it down. It must be devastating for the tree to experience that its years of growth have been in vain. But if we watch the tree for a week, new branches and leaves start to grow from its stump. For people who feel lost even after having put in a lot of hard work, these trees are a reminder of hope even after failure.

The central seating area resembles the stump of a felled tree, while the surrounding elements resemble newly grown branches. These branches can be seen from the side, as if they are protruding from the stump, gradually growing and sprouting small branches. The material used is oak. The design is simple, requiring simple tools. The seat has a minimalist design and the branches are rod-like structures connected together. The branches also act as a structure for attaching scarves, umbrellas, pet leashes, coats, bags or other items. You can also attach balloons, ribbons and other decorative items to make the chair stand out on special days. These chairs are best suited for outdoor dining areas and outdoor restaurants.


The future belongs to those who imagine. If you were given a box of sticks, what would you do with it? I would say I would find the instructions and start building with them from scratch. What if you were given a map to start with? Difficult, isn't it? Curiosity breeds creativity. Because art is part of our human nature, we explore and play with what we are given.

The Mindcraft chair wants to explore your creativity in endless possibilities. A wooden chair whose shape is dictated by the user's ingenuity is essential in paving the way for an inclusive and fun future. A pixel is just a unit, but with the letter "s" it becomes two-dimensional or even three-dimensional in ways you can imagine. Inspired by the infinite possibilities of pixels, Mindcraft can be made in many different shapes.

So with Mindcraft you have playful legs that change according to your shape, you have an interactive composite seat that lets you decide what to paint, and most importantly, you have a chair to sit on whenever you need a jolt of positivity. All parts are created from 3 shades of hardwood in a smooth finish and are assembled through wood joinery for modularity. Tempered glass is also used as surface and seat. Each piece is guaranteed to fit into a deep box. Woods don't speak, what more for chairs? Mindcraft creates a relationship with you, creating, communicating and exploring!


The concept is to hang the chair flat on the wall and in this form provide an abstract visual connection to the canopy, trees and leaves, while all the time building a connection by paying homage to the microstructure of the leaf.

Seven hinges would link four pieces of cut plywood together in a folding configuration that, simple as it is, almost certainly should have been made before. While the idea clearly came as an original thought, the concept is presented not for its mechanism but as a new design for a four-legged stool - for what it brings to the design of a seating object that can lend its own character.

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