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1. Katarzyna Waśniowska, eKGREN, Sweden

If I imagine that I am standing in the middle of a forest, I imagine that I am in the middle of an ancient temple. Surrounded by trunks like pillars that reach to the arches formed by the branches. The branches give birth to young shoots, but still cling to their trunk. It's a scene of dignity and life. I wanted to pour such feelings into my chair.The word "ekgren" means oak branch. The chair is made of turned oak, which changes its diameter, as I wanted to emphasize the organic nature of nature. The seat is made of glued oak planks. Ekgren discovers his character through details. Its simplicity and lightness express the peace of the primeval forest and allow the material and craftsmanship to come to the fore.

3. Shaurya Volvotkar in Gopalkrishna Pai Kane, pETLYA, INDIA

The word petlya comes from the Croatian word petlja and means a loop that represents an unfinished shape, the end of which joins the beginning. The legs, armrests and backrest of Petlje give the impression of forming an endless structure, and this is where the chair gets its name from. The chair is a charming combination of simplicity and elegance; it may seem radical at times, but at the same time it shows a refined design for the home environment as well as for offices or other public spaces. Petlya has a characteristic charisma that offers the visitor a warm embrace of the forest. Thoughtful design allows the fusion of structural and functional elements, which add their beauty to the final product.

2. Anže Erklavec, CHAIRMOCK, Slovenia

The very idea for the Chairmock came to me by the sea while lying on a hammock suspended from a pine tree. While lying down, I noticed that the hammock is very flexible and pleasant, if we set it up properly. If we want, we can lie more upright and read a book, or we can drop down a little and take a nap. This was my main source of inspiration for the design of this chair. I started the process by sketching to get a recognizable and simple shape, which is the side view of the chair. I awarded the sketches in the 3D world, where with the help of ergonomics I determined the appropriate sitting height, the seating surface and the width of the chair itself. The chair is intended for smaller apartments, because it can also be "turned over" and then the chair becomes a lounger, which can be used for reading books, sketching or simply for lazing around. The chair itself is not limited to the interior, because the chair is suitable for use in an apartment, on a balcony or at an outdoor cafe. The advantage of the chair is that it adapts to us, giving us a sense of security and comfort. The seating surface is ergonomically designed, so that we sit at the correct height, and the inclination of the upper part of the body can be adjusted by ourselves with the seating position. The entire chair is made of natural materials. The main part (legs) is made of solid oak wood, which is reinforced with a powder-coated metal frame. The fabric is made of 100%, densely knitted cotton, which is very resistant to wear and dirt. The goods can also be removed and cleaned.

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