Primal chair 2018


Designer: Katarzyna Waśniowska, Sweden

When I imagine myself standing in the middle of a forest, I think of it as an old temple.

Surrounded by trunks (columns) that reach the vaults formed by branches.

Branches then give birth to young shoots but still hold on to the massive trunks. It is a scene full of dignity and life. I wanted to translate this emotion into a chair.

Ekgren means oak branch. The chair is made out of turned oak that varies in diameter to catch the organicity of nature. The seat is made from glued pieces of oak boards.

Ekgren reveals its character through details. Its simplicity and lightness express the quietness of a virgin forest, allowing the material and craftsmanship to come to the fore.


Designer: Anže Erklavec, Slovenia

Idea about Chairmock was born at the sea sight while seating in hanging net under the pine trees. While seating i noticed that the net is very flexible and pleasant  if i fix myself in it correctly. From here i got the inspiration that i just added a little ergonomy. Chair have distinctive simple form that blends with the ambient. Metal and cloth can be personalized in different colors so the chair matches with environment. Chair is designed for smaller apartments because we can flip it and then the Chair becomes recliner that can be used for reading, sketching ideas or simply resting.

Advantage of this chair is that it adjusts to us, holds us and gives us safe and comfortable feeling while sitting in it.

It ergonomic design means that we sit in right height, inclination of upper body is adjusted by changing our sitting position, if we sit more to the back our upper body is more upright.

Chair is made from natural materials, main part of the chair is made from massive Oak wood that is hardened with metal frame, cloth is made from 100% cotton that is very sturdy and removable so it can be washed.


Designers: Shaurya Volvotkar in Gopalkrishna Pai Kane, India

Petlya comes from the Croatian word ‘petlja’ and it means a loop generally a continuous form, the end of which is connected to the beginning. The legs, armrests and backrest of Petlya appears to form a continuous structure and hence the name.It is an admirable marriage of simplicity and elegance. The chair can be radical, but at the same time is a refined design for domestic environments, as well as officesand public spaces. Petlya has a distinctive charisma which welcomes the guests with the warm hug of wood.It has a smart design where in the structural and functional elements blend perfectly adding to the beauty of the final product.

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