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1.Gopalkrishna Pai Kane, sELLA, India

Chair is one that is sure to be the classiest furniture piece in your home. Sella manages to easily complement most home decors. The modern style yet simple design helps you to effortlessly decorate your living room, dining room, home, office, training room, play area or any other settings as its designed in keeping with the modern style of decor. Sella can be perfectly paired with your dining table or table setup that needs something new or as extra sitting as you entertain your guests in your home. Its clean aesthetics serve to make it a classy home accessory that will do well in formal as well as casual settings. The chair is a perfect blend of style and functionality and is production friendly. The sides of the chair are connected to the front and the back blending into its legs in such a way as to give the chair addition strength and stability. The chair is machine cut from 25mm wooden board, after which the 2D parts are assembled into the chair with bolts. They are simple to put together; no glue is needed for its assembly. We have made the Chair with rounded corners and gentle curves, which make sitting a more pleasant and rewarding experience. The bottom of the legs has rubber plugs to prevent scratches on the floor. It can be kept clean with regular dusting or use of furniture cleanser. All the bolts are flushed into the surface making them a design feature.

3.Mauricio Valdes in Sergio Sotelo, THE ARROW CHAIR, Mexico

When creating and designing a wooden chair, there is always a real challenge in the structural part of the task, and this design is no exception. It is an arrow-shaped chair and is assembled by connecting its center with the front legs and armrest. It can be made using CNC technology and is made of 3/4" thick wood with a T-shaped profile that is sharpened with a trapezoidal cut. Its structure is light and meets all ergonomic requirements, such as rounded corners on the seat and backrest. It is very convenient and easy to manufacture. "There is no limit to what two minds can create..."

2. Žan Girandon, ZIBA, Slovenia

The Ziba lounger, which is built from curved plywood, a seat and backrest made of oak elements and strips of recycled rubber (or other recycled elastic material), is a symbol of an island and a corner where the user can find time to rest. A kind of cradle for a grown man. It is a modern interpretation of a manger and an artificially assembled human nest that is both comfortable and different. The warmth and homeliness of wood is emphasized in the recliner, because wherever we are in contact with the recliner, we touch the wood. Private space is also emphasized, as we are in a recliner in a kind of partitioned space defined by a circle. The recliner provides the user with different sitting positions and at the same time ensures that even when resting, we make small movements, move ourselves, in a way even "float" embraced by the wooden support. In this way, we maintain a better flow through the body and thereby relieve the entire body alternately and as evenly as possible. Therefore, the recliner is more attractive, interesting and more ergonomic than recliners that are designed only as a deep seat or only as a bed. We control our own balance and thus are not completely passive in our rest, thereby avoiding pain. The seat and backrest are designed in such a way that they provide us with support on the left and right side, and the spine is quite free, so we do not press on the recliner with the exposed parts of the bones.

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