Primal chair 2017


Designer: Gopalkrishna Pai Kane, India

A chair is the most exclusive piece of furniture in a home. The chair Sella is modern, but simple. Its style makes it possible to embellish your living room, dining room, office, gym, playroom or any other placement without any special effort. It is designed in a modern style and is able to adapt to most different placements of a home. Sella can match excellently with a dining table or various dining tables in the dining room that needs something new. On the other hand it can function as a spare sitting surface that you need for your guests. Its clean aestethics functions as the first class equipment that will function in a formal as well as in less formal environment.

The chair is a true mixture of style and functionality. Its production is

»friendly«.The sides of the chair are connected onto the front and back page that are hidden in its legs in the way that gives additional firmness and stability to a chair. The chair is machine cut out of 25 mm wooden board. The cut pieces are assemblied into the chair by screws. The chair is simple for assemblying, it does not need any additional glue. The curved angles and tender curves ensure that sitting is more agreeable and relaxing. The bottom of the legs have a rubber washer that prevents  unpleasant scratches on the floor. It is easy to maintain only with regular dusting or usual cleaning material for furniture. All screws are sunk into the surface and seem to be a part of the design.


Designer:  Žan Girandon, Slovenia

The reclaimer Ziba that is made of curved plywood, the sitting and backrest surface of oak elements and the tape of recycled rubber ( or any other recycled elastic material) is a symbol of an island and a corner where a user can find time for a break. It is a sort of craddle for an adult person. It is a modern interpretation of cribs and artificially compound human nest that is comfortable but different. In the reclaimer a warmth and homeliness of a wood is accentuated as it is everywhere, when we are in contact with the reclaimer we are in contact with wood. It is emphasized as a private place as we are in the reclaimer in a sort of divided space that is defined by the circle.

The reclaimer ensures different positions of sitting and at the same time ensures that even when resting we can do small movements like swinging and in some way floating within a wooden support In this way we keep a better flow of energy around our body and at the same time disburden alternately and at the same time evenly. Therefore the reclaimer is more attractive, interesting and more ergonomic as other reclaimers that are designed only as a deepened chair or as a lying surface. We ourselves take control of our balance and therefore we are not totally passive during our break. In this way we can avoid pains. The sitting and backrest surface are designed with the intention to give us support on the right and left hand, the backbone is pretty free and so we do not press the exposed parts of the bones onto the reclaimer.

The Arrow chair

Designers: Mauricio Valdes in Sergio Sotelo, Mexico

About the chair: when designing a wooden chair there always exists a true challenge in the structural part of the task and this year design was no exception. This is a chair in the form of an arrow and is combined in the way that it connects its central point with the former legs and the hand rest. It is possible to make it with the help of CNC technology an is made of “ ¾ thickness with a profile of a T letter form”. That is sharpened with a trapesoidal cut. Its structure is light and fulfills all ergonomic demands like curved angles on the sitting surface and backrest. It is very comfortable and simple to produce. There are no limits what two minds  can make up .........

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