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1. Ines Rotar, CHAIR IN PICTURE, Slovenia

The chair in the picture is a tribute to nature, it quickly and easily transforms from a beautiful wall painting of textures into a comfortable chair. It is easy to remove from the wall and folded with a quick fold. The chair also solves the problem of smaller apartments, as it can be placed on the wall when not in use and serves as a wonderful decoration.

3. Jasna Hrovatin in Rok Hrovatin, pICCCHAIR, Slovenia

The picCHAIR serves as an additional seat, which is used when a larger number of seats are needed. It is also useful as a side table next to the dining table, sofa bed, etc. The chair is designed so that it can be quickly disassembled and assembled. The name of the chair is picCHAIR, because its seat surface can be hung on the wall as a picture or as a decorative object. The seat is processed in different ways, thereby bringing the chair closer to the needs and wishes of different target groups, and also allows for completely personalized processing according to the specific wishes of the client.

2. Jurado Michael, ORIGIN, France

Irregularity, no straight lines, simplicity, those are the few keywords I remember from this afternoon in the park. I wanted the user to feel precisely what I felt when I was sitting at the base of that tree.
A sense of appeasement despite the irrgularity and the asperities of the wood, a sense of simplicity despite the random shapes surrounding me. «When I look at our houses, I’m stricken by this succession of straight lines and curves which I cannot help but consider as artificial. Only mankind, it seems, imagines and creates straight lines. In nature, as in the universe, they do not exist.»


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