Primal chair 2016

Stol v sliki/Chair in picture

Designer: Ines Rotar, Slovenia

The largest number of points was awarded to the application »Chair in picture« of the author Ines Rotar. The chair in pic is a compliment to nature. It changes quickly and easily from a beautiful picture on the wall into a comfortable chair. We simply take it off the wall and quickly unfold it into the form of a chair. The chair solves also the problem of smaller apartments as we can have it on the wall when not needed and serves as a beautiful ornament of the wall » adds the author.


Designer: Jurado Michael, France

Irregularity, no straight line, simplicity these are a few essential words that resonant this afternoon in the park. I wanted that a user would feel what I had felt when sitting at the bottom of this tree. The feeling of reconciliation in spite of irregularities and wood surface roughness. The feeling of simplicity in spite of random forms that surround me.


Designers: Jasna Hrovatin, Rok Hrovatin, Slovenia

The pic Chair serves as an additional sitting surface that we use when we need a larger number of sitting places. It is usable also as a disposal surface next to the dining table, a couch or a bed. The chair is designed in the way that it can be quickly put apart and closed. The name picChair denotes that we can hang it on the wall as a picture or a decorative element. The sitting surface is processed in different ways. In this way it can be closer to the customer needs and wishes of different target groups and as well enables a totally personified procedure according to the specific customer wishes.

A Hive - special jury award

Designer: Snežana Jeremić, Serbia


A Hive- “a styled piece of wood”.

Jezik / Language

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