Primal chair 2015

Frame Chair

Designer: Tadeja Vidoni, Slovenia

The components of the Frame Chair are designed in the way that offers a more rational utilization of the given material. The parts that remind of a skeleton are cut out of the panel of 20mm thick mnessand the dimensions of 120x140 cm. The construction has 26 parts of the sitting framework.Like a puzzle they are organizedin a chain on two transverses that together make the chair legs and the console.

The individual elements and the chair are enjoyably anatomiccaly cambered and pracitcally invite one to ergonomically impeccable sitting.  The proces of charir compositions is carried out with a simple tampering of elementsinto the ground framework and any screwing or bonding is necessary.


Designer: Noel Flannery, Ireland

A pretty conventional and wellkonwn shape of a chair the author transposes into a puzzleof five components without any binding means , any glue ,screws or similar procedure.Everything is based on the panel of 18 mm thickness. The indivudlaelemnt that were cut out by CNC technique, with selfclosing bonds and make an object of a known  usage.  

A massive accuracy is needed that is at least in the priciple possible with a CNC technique.The suggestion for this chair or an armchair foresees a rational cut out of the bonded panel into the elements. These elements form a box shape that has akready been known  int he design world. (the UNI programme by the compna STOL,and FUTURA of prof. Niko Kralj). Wittiliy designed bond foresees the jamming of individula oartswhere woofd functions in the bonds as a detent spring.The final presnetationforesees an ellegedly still sensible upholstery.

Forest fruit

Designer: Meta Mencinger, Slovenija

The designer has her proposal declared  very poetically and originally as a bow to secret interlace, the hidden threads fromt he eyes without which the trees and the wood would not exist- in fact the fungi and their hifas. They represent the process of passing over and reboirthwhen they enforce the disintegration of organic compound in the ground into the compounds that that trees need for their growth in the form of mycorrhiza and their inevitable cooperation with tree roots. Mostly invisilbe to our eyes they develop in agrreable and humid  condiitons into their fertility spost in the form of fleshy sponge.

The chair »forest fruit« combines firmness of the wood with a gracefully tender form that gets its inspisration in the magic, inforest always precent, the world of fungi.The proposla is among all applied ideasthe only thta puts forward itsaestetics or the beautuy of the product.The stanrda of produsticon is known specially from the scandinavianchair production..Thecnologically it is similar to the once presetnt produstcion of # colonial« chairs in Slovenia. The chair legs and sticksthat form the backrest of the chair are stuckinto proprotionally thick sitting surface. The legant »Forest fruit«is  in form similar to thin fungi hifas as well as thin trunks of lumberjack.And ecatly this elegance of the chair was decisive fort he award winning.

The Chock - special jury award

Designer: Natalija Otoničar, Slovenia

According to the jury opinion the proposal  is closest to the application password »Primal chair«.The trunk of a reeasonably thick tree can be transfromed witthe help ofmotor chain saw  into a chair,table, all fomr one poiece of wood.the final products are primal and possess a lot of designer symbolism.

The Chock displays a stunning life stroy of the tre interior. A contrast between a nun processed  and rude exterior of the trunk and finely broken downand tender core represents a jucntion ofnature with a humna.Today it si obly thought of usability of th product and nothing is said about the origin of the materila and the story that it tells.The Primechair comes back to nature. Due to  anisotropy the texture of each trunk cross section different and due to the composition out of many tissues distinsctively not inhomogeneous and variable. The variability of the woodare also influenced by the variable growing conditions , fertility of the ground and the “social” position of the tree in the standthat determines its solitude. To people thinking in this way an interst for wood and respect for it pnly grow. The great varibality means uniquness of the material that is pecially appreciated by desginers.

Family tree - community award (voting on

Designers: Tina Antić, Miha Kralj, Slovenia

Fast pace of living , artificial materilas and technology master our life.Naked feet in grass, a tender touch of a trunk, silents obseravtion of natarue disappera from our everday life. We are not aware ofour own slippery . What traditional heritage will our generation leave to our descendants.

Everything around us tunrs in cicles. A tree grows form a seed, lives and gives a seed. Weare born, grow up,live and create new life and in the end we are only a memory. ….

Nowadays everything is meda for short time.Therefore we developed a modular concept of a chair,thta grows up  with us and we can produce it to give it to the next generation, from generation to generation. It is designed so taht we can adapt with modular pieces t according the the function and scae. It actually grows with its user.

The material is plywood. Due to its dimensions it can be produced mainlxform the rest wood,.Clear lines are expressed that are accompanies by the ethnological… of Sloveian cultural heritage.Therefore we beleive that our chair is a familc tree that is approprota for each household irrespectful of the age of its members. Ur mother lays a baby into it, when we are born,  and in it we can be grinded into eternity when our time comes.

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