About festival of wood

Green spaciousness of Kočevsko region. Forests are spread until the horizon and even further. The forest coverage amounts to more than 80%. That is why it is quite unusual that wood, this priceless natural material, has been in the last period relatively poorly exploited in this region as it has been the case in many other places in Slovenia.

In 2013 the Festival of Wood was established as an echo to this situation and a new opportunity to reflect the possibilities our forest landscape has to offer. Two important actors of the local environment, Gimnazija in srednja šola Kočevje (the regional high school) and the municipality of Kočevje wished to increase the interest of the young generation for wood processing professions and to remind local inhabitants of the value of wood as material. The two actors started cooperating also with entrepreneurs. A common wish was to change the atmosphere into a positive image about its future in general as well as in wood processing industry in the town with one of the highest unemployment rates in Slovenia.

The Festival wants to become a central event and meeting point for people connected to this branch in Slovenia and across the borders of Slovenia.

organising Forestry forums

Industrial design competiton

Wood tech talks - conference

Woodworking Workshops for kids

new creative wooden structures

woodworking workshops for families

preserving cultural heritage

visits to virgin forest

opening new woodworking facilities

Jezik / Language

Festival lesa podpirajo 


Honorary patron of the Festival is
prime minister of the republic of Slovenia
Mr. Marjan Šarec


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